Monday, June 15, 2009

A burst of lights...

Yesterday I drove around aimlessly...I love the countryside away from the noisy city. I did this alone most of the time during weekend...I will drive to the beach and swim for half an hour or I will drive leisurely along a secluded road or I will drive into unknown lanes...always taking my camera with me.

Yesterday... I drove to naval base....This is one part of the countryside that I like....the roads are free of many cars. I love all those colonial houses... those Black and White ones....I wish I own one....Dreaming....and if you dare to dream... it will come true...Hopefully!

I drove myself to the end of the road and ended at the seaside. Never knew that there is such a beach and are packed with enthuse..and children running around. The Ice Cream Uncle was so busy cutting up ice cream and sandwiched them with wafers...and handing them out at the same time collecting monies and smiling widely! Nothing like making an honest living.

I parked my car, bought an ice cream and strolled along the beach. I do not know when I became used to being alone...yes, alone! I begin to feel connecting with people involves too much emotions. I do not know when I started to love it a tree, a small little insignificant tiny whatever I lay my eyes on...without the human factor in it.

I took lots of pictures during my travels and my stay abroad...and they are mostly nature. My favorite is to take pictures from the sky..of clouds and reflections. However today I am posting pictures I took of an oil rig tanker under repair. The full lighting of the tanker was beautiful and my camera did not do justice to this scene. Therefore I called it a 'burst' of lights....The sharpness of a picture or the blurring effect both are beautiful in their own credits.... enjoy and share these with you........!

June is the month we celebrate Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to those with DaD. Let DaD knows you love those without DaD, lets share these masculine pictures (I see vessel as masculine because it is a masculine dominated arena). Let these pictures remind us of DaD.. strong, solid, sturdy, full of life...and always has been a silent pillar behind us.....

DaD, wherever you are..... I Love You....!


  1. Lian,

    I used to hate being alone.. especially eating alone..
    But now i am starting to get use to it..
    I do not have to wait for pple to go where,
    to eat wat...

  2. Hi Alice

    I did that long ago. I hv always been alone after Ray. Not that I do not hv boys along the way, I hv not exprienced anyone who share the same goal. I am not an easy person. As you read in my blog and by now you know I have a mind of my own. I do not know whether it is a good thing or bad thing but ppl are afraid and so am I.

    Alice, you are young and you have lots of love to give. Do not give it freely but to someone who is worthy. Good Luck!