Monday, June 1, 2009

I've never been to me....

This is one song in particular that I like. It is very much a woman song. I mean about woman, their desires, their sacrifices, their dreams, their venerability and what is the status of woman in the eye of men and the World.

The song goes about a woman, got 'locked' up doing all the routines. Once married a woman is tied down with all marriage commitments. I particularly like the verse "a regimented' wife. Yup, like in the army, you follow discipline. Be it in the East nor in the West, Women although fought for equal rights...but is there? We hold important positions in the society, in the countries in the World but we are still secondary to the Men. We are daughters, wives and mothers.

However in a woman, there is a free spirit. She wants to be free. To be able to make her own decision and with added responsibilities, she wants her place to be seen, heard and recognized.

However sexist reigns long ago. Women who moves around in the society are named 'society women'. They have to make rooms if they want to move in the affluent arena. You have to have look, you have to have connections, you must be able to play the games and men only treated such women as plaything.

The beauty of this song that I like so woman is not complete if she is not a mother. I cannot agree more. The blood, sweat and tears of a woman in motherhood, irregardless of what she went through...if you ask her again...she will still go through all the pain to be a mother.

This song is beautifully sang by Charlene. The lyrics are so well written that whoever sings it will still brings out the forlorn, the longing, the deception, the price a woman has to pay to play this game. Sadly to say after going from pauper to richness, bright lights and glamour, fast cars and realize that all these are but illusions. It is nothing like being a mother and that... makes one a complete woman.

To me this song teaches self respect. All that glitters are not gold. All the pretty pretty faces one day will wrinkle and grow old. All the richness and glamour will one day disappear and wasted time in chasing something unrealistic will make one regret that she has wasted her time.

You would say that I think this way because of my religion. You are not wrong. How than can one work on salvation if one do not recognized the fact that everything in 'Red Dust' is but passing fantasy?

But after saying and knowing all these, it is harmless that I indulge myself with all these songs and lyrics and sing along. It helps me to understand emotions better. It helps me to understand sufferings better. It makes me realized that there is nothing that is not changing because we live in 'Red Dust'. When the wind blows, the dust formation changes and the wind will keep blowing.


  1. It is a beautiful song and the lyrics lovely but also make you reflect back to ones own life.

    I have always been a bit of a free spirit and was lucky enough to marry a wonderful man who loves that side of my personality.

    We all have to find our own version of paradise while at the same time finding ourselves.

  2. Hi Squirrel Queen

    This is very much a lady song. I love it. I am also a bit of a free spirit and I have no restraint..ha.a.a.a Lucky you! treasure your man.

    Cheers and see you around!