Saturday, May 12, 2018


I have been missing from here for a long time. Time changes and so does people. Writing blog takes effort and research and at the same time one must have something to share or say. During these times I am bogged down with work and various activities. I also realized that the heart feeling changed with time. What is so important last time is no longer a priority now. Taking up a job with children bring me much joy. I learn from these kids and learnt that they think differently. What adult comprehend they comprehend otherwise. Kids are not that simple. I never understand why some kids are rebellious, naughty, hyper, talkative, autism, ADHD etc. but now I do.

Molding a child is important. They are the by product of many factors - parents, school, environment, teachers, friends, media etc. and many more. Punishment administered also build a child - are they being understood and did the adults hear them right......

From physical development, to motor skills, behavioral changes and social emotion. We also have to monitor their moral development.

Bringing up a child is an education itself.

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