Monday, December 14, 2015


Tolerance of misunderstanding is like having a Mouth and it is Useless. It is like an itch inside you that verbalizing it makes it worst. You are caught in a situation that realizing all said is Fake even though it is the Truth. Something lost cannot be brought back by Words no matter how Sincere you are.
I admit my mistakes but no point making it Good. Because "To those who need to explain. To those who don't..more said more wrong".
I am sure many of us have been in this position before and no matter how painful, we lived with it. There are things that happened between human beings that are so complicated. You know why? It is our EGO!
We always think that we are right, we have been wronged and therefore we must retaliate or else others may think that we are weak. We do not allowed others to bully us. We are higher and better...etc..etc. WRONG! if only we stepped back, we can see the sky is blue and there are endless space out there.
If we think that others have wronged us, have we not wronged others before?
The worst is here..."in the eye of law, even if you are summon to hang, the law give you a chance to state your case". NOT misunderstanding, you are condemned with no chance to state your case.
Amendments are made for self awareness NOT for others approval.
These are my reflections!

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