Saturday, January 23, 2016

I once asked my Guru for his lineage and he said its an unbroken one.

I asked about his past lives (not that I am window shopping but at least as a student with deep respect I need to know. We heard loads of his excellent existence all from lamas who knows him but he never said anything about his past.)

Guru said something like there are lots of people out there who claimed that there are this and that and can we know? The most important is to observed a teacher.

Guru is very humble and as his devotee I silently observed his actions. Guru do not bow to $$$ or he needs your $$$. He said the best offerings to a teacher is your practice...Body, Speech and Mind.

Being human with obscuration and defilement, we stained our offerings to Guru. Guru manifest sickness because of the impure conduct of devotees.

Ah Gong Rinpoche advice last night ...we are Varja dharma brothers which is one of the samaya vow. Causing breakups or harm to one and another will lead to Varja Hell. Not only devotees but also the Guru who accepted them.

This really scared me. I pray that we remember our vows to works for the happiness of all Beings and we are "all Beings" to each other let alone being Varja brothers..remember...切记..切记

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  1. Wow, I like how you have such great questions and discussions with your guru.
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