Thursday, November 19, 2015

INDIA TRIP 2015 (1)

This is a much waited trip for me. The last time I was there was like so so long ago but I never forget that I was there with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Late Ribur Rinpoche, Late Lama Konchok and Dharma friends. I was then ignorant and did not place important significant to this visit.

However after so many years, once again it rekindled my wanting to visit the Land of Buddha, walked the ground he and all Bodhisattvas paced, remember the merits and greatness of Buddha and thank him for leaving behind a legacy - the Path to Enlightenment.

We left on 1st October and returned on 16th October 2015. We are grateful to Khenpola Ngwang Gylasten and Lama Tenzin (both from Sakya, Daradun India) for guiding us on this meaningful trip. In all there are only 8 of us, a small but cohesive group. We set foot on this journey which brings more meaning and awareness to me this time. Khenpola is not a tour agent so we just follow our hearts to where we want to go.

Upon arriving India, we were booked into WangDu Guest House in Delhi which is ran by a Tibetan family. A small setup but consist of a fantastic eatery. We were here for 2 days.

1) Our 1st visit - SANKISSA. It is a long journey which took us early before sunrise and returned late at 9pm. The journey is even further than Agra and not easy to find. We asked around and the drivers took us to our destination. The place where Buddha descended from Heaven after teaching to his Mother and Beings of the heavenly realms. We did our prayers, offerings and walked the ruined. There is nothing much here but a small shrine, an elephant monument but it has a meaning. Buddha taught us filial piety.
2) The next day we left for Bodhgaya. In Bodhgaya we stayed at Kriti Lodge, 5 minute walk to Mahabodhi Temple. We spent 4 days in this location. We managed to offer robe to the Buddha and also pearls.
Mahabodhi Temple and the Seat of Enlightenment
3) While in Bodhgaya, we visited Sujata Village and Mahakala Cave.
Tracing history and reliving and recalling the Buddha teachings - Remembering the Four Noble Truth and not forgetting our Bodhicitta. (jounery to be continued)

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