Thursday, September 3, 2015

ELECTION 2015...

Once again the Election is here. I am no politician nor do I partake in any politics however I felt that being one of the citizen of this country, I need to be concerned.
This is the first time we are doing this without the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. How will the country be run? Mr Lee parting words is to "keep the country clean" and it is crucial. Till the end he still thought of this nation which he took from rags to where we are.
Being a Buddhist, I believe in Karma. This Election will see if Singaporean already ran out of their good Karma.
This is a good time for me to reflect and learn. Of course I will express my support to the Party I believe I can leave my life in their hands, not just me but my future generations as well.

I have a friend who told me..."I told my husband no need to come back and vote and no need to vote". At least we have a right to our HOME and a say to how it will be.

Chinese proverb : You can easily break a pair of chopstick but you will have a hard time breaking a bundle of chopsticks. Do not forget our National Pledge " We, the Citizens of Singapore.....pledge ourselves as one united people...

Everyone is interested in their own agenda. Many will promise this and that and will pick and point to weaknesses of others. The purpose is not the welfare of the Nation but to WIN. Anyway whether the people support the ruling government and party OR they believe that giving a few constituency to oppositions as a flagging stick to the current Government have yet to be seen.

I will take all promises with a pinch of salts. Singapore is a small country...and if we are so easy to break apart with simply a few diverse views and only our own interest matters than we really am running out of our good Karma.

This is your HOME, your COUNTRY and do not take the decision you make lightly.

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