Friday, September 25, 2015 smoking again?

Well, this year smoking is driving us nuts. No amount of education to the Indonesian can make them understand that burning the forest or the plantations is not the only solution to clearing lands for agriculture.

The PSI is soaring. It caused health problems to themselves and neighboring countries. We are in this party together. As air knows no space, it pervades every nooks and corners. No matter where you are you "smoke". For us who avoid outdoor but staying indoor is worst and no government or countries can do anything. We have to suffered it out until the "Rain Gods" decide to take pity on us and give Indonesia a wash down.

In actual fact this is a standing issue. It happens yearly like a ritual. Their Government cannot solved the problem neither can ours. All lips services are lips services only. The people who burnt are only staff, they are just doing their jobs. The companies who permit these clearings are not bother, all they need to is pay fine.

I am actually sadden by these burnings. The weather is hot and it catches fire easily. The "Fire Gods" once ignited is not easy to appease unless you do it immediately and it is a small fire. The fire raged on. Animals and insects, reptiles, birds and all these died in fire. There are also people living in these places and they may be in danger too.

I pray..that it rain heavily on these "hot spots" or we continue to suffer. I am already having a patched throat and a headache.

Ohm Mani Padme Hung

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