Friday, August 14, 2015

Lunar 7th Month...a Month

The Chinese Lunar 7th Month or Ghost Month starts today. This is also a Filial Piety Month and Vasanna Month.

For those who know Kitsagarbra Bodhisattva (Sayi Ningpo or 地臧菩萨) knows the story of how she elevate her mother from Hell Realm. This is also a Filial Piety Month because this great Bodhisattva took the vow that if the Hell Realm is not empty, she will not attain Enlightenment. Her great compassion is a source of inspiration to me.

This is also a Raining Retreat Month (Vasanna) where in Buddha's time monks went into Retreat. The purpose of not walking around is also to avoid stepping and killing lives. Buddha spent 25 rainy months in retreat at Sarvasti, Jetavanna Monastery where many interesting teachings and stories took place.

When the Retreat Month is over,  we offer robes to Monks and dedicate this powerful merits to the happiness of Mother Sentient Beings.

Today for 15 days, many will be visiting ancestral shrines in temples. This is the time you remember Mother Sentient Beings and their sufferings too.

There is no special day to practice your compassion but certain months may make you reflect more on your love ones who have passed on and their contribution to your well being and to what you are today. Normally people visit as a whole family, some with siblings and relatives bringing food and drinks.

May Mother Sentient Beings be placed on the pedestal of liberation and be free from sufferings. Ohm Mani Padme Hum _()_ _()_ _()_

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