Thursday, August 14, 2014

Public Spirits.....

Bravo! to the Australian for their public spirit. The picture is a very touching scene and so many hands. Kudos to the train staff for reacting fast enough so that the train did not moved off and cost a life. 

As I read this article, I also read some of the comments and I felt ashamed of the remarks. I do not know whether the people who posted are Singaporean or not but sure took the opportunity to run down the Singapore system. Some said that people are afraid of Fine. I totally agreed with one comment that some Singapore people will stand around and not help and later take opportunities to blame the train operator and the Government. This is typical Singaporean! No matter how the Government or the public authorities/ operators do their best, they are not able to meet everyone’s needs and it mean they are NO GOOD. People will only want more and more but not willing to be a little selfless; a little less critical. 

Some said such happened in Japan before. Are they saying that Japan have this happening all the time? Meaning it is no great deal and why are the Australian being applauded for good spirit? It is a news report, not vying for anyone to say good things so if one is a sour grape, get something to sweeten the mouth.

Public Spirit is in our heart. Whether you have or don’t it is in born. It is not the Fine of $5,000, weighing it against a person’s life. What if the person is your loved ones? Do you want people to help them of not? 

I am sure the authorities or the Government is not brainless. How will they Fine public spirit like this? This is an accident. Even if there is Fine, probably the Operator and they will need to improve the gap between the train and the platform. The Government and relevant authorities will do their part to lessen future accidents as much as possible. We, as the people just have to act like Human if there is a need. These bad mouth people are SAINT and they never make any mistake in their life. 

Some of the comments were impossible. We are educated but our thinking capacities are just limited to that ZERO mark. Some can be very vulgar and cynical with their choice of words. I am glad they are Small People (小人) just shooting their mouth off with nothing better to do. What will happen to our Country if they are Leaders? What’s wrong with all of US? 

If everyone do their part and does their due diligent, no Fine needs to be imposed. However with Fine, the people still go against it. I saw people riding bicycle over overhead bridge when there is an indication of Fine. They defied the Law and ignore pedestrian safety. There are Fine for NO U TURN but people still do because they believe they will not be caught. There are Fine for using handphones when driving but there are so many people doing it, some even text sms or watch videos oblivious of their own safety and that of Others. Of course there are Fine for speeding but the smart alex knows where to avoid the "Eye".

FINE is a handy excuse. If you are fined means you are against the Law and what’s wrong being Fine? You ask for it!!! 

Anyway GRACIOUSNESS is something the people must learn. GOT STYLE BUT GOT NO VALUE is wasting away one’s life. We are found of finding others’ faults but never see one’s wrong doing. Super Selfish.. double confirmed!!! 

Don’t need to scold me or throw bad eggs at me, I am also learning from all these people - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hopefully I pick up good habits! 

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