Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy National Day...48 going to 49!

Once again we will be celebrating our National Day 2014 on 9th August. This year the slogan is "Our People, Our Home".

This is a simple and yet powerful message. To a Country, the success is the People who make up the "Country". Without People, it will not be a country but just a piece of land on the map, probably unnoticed. To the People, the Country is their Home. It is a land that provides them livelihood, safety, peace and harmony and a continuity to the next generation and generations to come.

I live in Singapore I call my Home. I know the important of Harmony and the Unity of the People. You take a bundle of sticks and try to break them and it is not that easy. Once the bundle of sticks are loosen, others with bad intentions can infiltrate and break all the sticks one by one. Simple logic and all these "Others" may come from external source and internally too if we do not see the big picture.

A Home may have many restrictions and we have expectations as well but what matter most is Peace and Safety. May people practice Restraints and be less Selfish and a little more Selfless.

Therefore, this National Day, I pray for Singapore's Peace and Harmony, I pray for the safety of the People, I pray for a good Government, I pray that families are intact, I pray for those working overseas to be safe and protected and I pray for the happiness of the People. May we all always have food on our tables and in our stomach. May we all never be short of opportunities for gainful employment. Most of all, may we maintain Compassion and Wisdom in our daily life. Always have a smile for the person next to you.......


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