Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dragon in the Sky

I was away for holidays in Thailand, Hatyai last week. I took many pictures during the trip but this one was amazing.

Yes, a cloud formation of a CHINESE DRAGON above the temple stupa. It is so can see the two round eye balls, the feeler, the legs and claws. I did not darken the clouds around came out exactly as it is.

No, I am not misleading anyone. I am not suggesting anything except that I am amazed at what nature can do.

This is a beautiful picture for sure...that DRAGON!

To Western countries, the myths and stories mostly see this creature as evil and the way it is projected with the spike wings, angry look and fire breathing. It is a creature of the dark.

However to the Eastern people, especially Chinese...dragons are auspicious. They are out of this World. In the Chinese Horoscope, among the 12 animals signs, one of them is a dragon. There are many stories about Chinese dragons. I am sure you can find them in the Internet, so go net them if you are interested to know more.

Sharing this amazing DRAGON IN THE SKY......

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