Saturday, August 13, 2011

What to say...??

It has been a long time I last posted. Actually I was wondering what to post. We always have an opinion to everything and anything. We must add our vocal to express our knowledge, our dissatisfaction, our joy, our sadness, our happiness and unhappiness. we have so much to say?

When I realized what I said was an arising of a cause which a condition ripen for such words, it started the ball rolling. What follows in words is either kindness or harshness and surely come with an effect...good or bad. If it is followed by action I will harvest the fruit.

Dependent Origination arises every second in our thoughts. How to stop this? How aware are we to this little insignificant cause which can roller coaster to bigger issues? NO, most of us are not alert and focus enough to see it arising, let alone curb it as it buds. I do know this and yet I fall prey to all these conditions that give rise to further pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I now prayed for positive actions and not otherwise.

A cause rises out of defilement - it has something to do with ignorance which has craving in it. Because we are not able to stop it, it takes shapes according to our feeling. Therefore ignorance brings craving and follow with love or hatred. The continuous arsing of Dependent Origination, beings are being reborn again and again. Birth is suffering, so is old age, sickness and death.

I am not being pessimistic but I am beginning to really 'see' death. Not others but mine. I wonder what can I bring with me? Can I bring money, power, beauty, authority...I realized NO! One dead man is the same as another dead man - no richness or poor, no commoner or authority. Once we turned into bones or ashes...where are we? Are we the bone or are we the ashes?

There is one thing I am sure we will bring with us - the type of person we are when we are alive. Don't forget this body is on loan to you. You can use this BODY to do good or BAD. You can lie and pretend for all to see how good you are BUT you cannot lie to your consciousness. So when the final day either die peaceful or fretful. You either die in old age or have life force terminated when you are not ready to go. We all fear death because we know we are not a good person. Even a moderate person who is either good or bad fear death. We feared because we do not know what's on the other side. Well what you are this life is what you have lived in your past life BUT you can prepare for a better life next by living the correct way now.

As I began to understand the Buddha's teaching, I realized the UNIVERSAL TRUTH is something that is there. It is the LAW of the UNIVERSE, no one can change it. Goodness will begets goodness. It is not so difficult to be kind...smiling at another person is also an act of kindness. A kind word will help someone along the does not cost you money to do it.

As I watched the riot in UK, I am sadden by the activities of the youth who took part. What's wrong with the youth today? Why must someone do harm to others and it is not even beneficial to oneself.

Where is the compassion? What type of youth did parents raised? In general youth around the world are behaving the same way. There will be those that defy the law and even end up in jail.

Cry me a river........

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