Monday, October 11, 2010


* Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a pile of bone, stinking flesh and a walking graveyard. Why? because you eat carcasses!

* RELIGION...practice correctly brings JOY; practice wrongly becomes a stumbling rolls you to Hell.

* Friends either make you OR break you.

* YOU need things to prep you, the more the better, the branded, the glitters, the money, the women, the people, all the material things…WHY? JUST to prove that you are living and around.

* HUMAN scrubbed and perfumed themselves with the most expensive toiletries. No matter how hard they tried, they will smelled the next second. WHY? It is the dead (food) buried in their bodies and when it went into the blood stream, it cannot contain. It comes out as perspiration urine and shits.

* What can be wild? Human or Animals?

* The joy of seeing a flower blooms brings happiness only when it is shared.

* All worldly possessions only brings conflicts. It breaks a family when they fight over it after you are dead or it started long ago even before you are dead.

* No amount of riches, power and fame brings you to heaven. Heaven is only for the virtuous.

* In history, Kings and Noblemen, normal human beings died under the hands of a WOMAN. The lesson is never learned because people still cannot stop themselves for indulgence in a WOMAN.

* Behind every successful man is a Woman…Behind every downfall man is also a Woman.

* Which is more frightening? A Human or a Ghost?

* Is there a word called IMPARTIAL? In this world, this word do not exist… the word of all time “mutual benefit”.

* Who is more selfless than Buddha and Bodhisattva?

* You are born pure BUT as you grow, you become more and more contaminated.

* Can there be true equal between Woman and Man? It can never be…Woman is made in such a way that she is the one who bear the pain.

* Words are just Words…did you see the wisdom when they said “Called a Rose by any other names and it smells just as sweet”.

* As Human becomes more sophisticated…illness becomes more sophisticate This is call balancing of the Karma.

* Do you believe in Karma…Buddhist do not have the sole proprietorship to this word. Karma is Universal.

* I have seen the Cause and Effect of bad deeds done. Do not think that it is just a God fearing word. It is not. So DO NO EVIL because when the effect comes, it is too late to regret.

* Still I want to say this…”Death is Inevitable”… All merits you have done, both good and bad are your companion until you attain Enlightenment.

* Does the Preacher believe in what is preached? Does the Preacher practice what is preached? Look beyond the surface and you will have the answer.

* We see what we choose to see.

* No amount of Rights can right a Wrong…with only sincere repentance will it be lighten. You do not repent to the person you wronged BUT to yourself for doing such silly thing. Repentance is effective only when you are aware BUT to many, they did not even accept the fact that they have wronged.

* I see, I do, I conquer…MYSELF and not others.

* Take a pen, be honest, write down all your negative characters and your positive characters and see whether it balance.

* When you look at a problem, you should take a helicopter’s view…not a one sided view.

* When you are face with a problem, solve it and not put the blame on others. Remember, when you point a finger at another, four fingers are pointing at yourself.

* Compassion arises only when there is a target…actually one should maintain a compassionate heart all the time and to all beings.

* Do you feel offended when someone ignore you? Why? Because your EGO is hurt. Self worth is not based on what others perceived of you. EGO is nothing but a pile of bones.

* In this mundane world, everything is a test subject…we all have a worst part of our self that we need to right.

...more Thoughts from myself for myself and those that are interested to ponder.


  1. Great thoughts! My only humble view is that the first paragraph is a bit strong. Don't you agree woth me that a vegetarian is also a pile of bone, stinking flesh and a walking graveyard? I just hope vegetarian will give respect to those non vegetarian. Anyway, I do not believe food alone can purify us! Hahaha.... .

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. No, food cannot purify us. We are what we eat. I am hoping people avoid unnecessary killing. It is a reminder to myself. I said so at the end of the posting. It is by no mean not respecting meat eaters. You read me wrongly. You have a great time ahead.

  3. Good. My apology if I have read you wrongly.

    Take care.

  4. No need to apologize...:) I appreciate you commented. Have a good day.