Monday, October 18, 2010


Halloween 2010 falls on 31 October. This event is not a popular celebration in Singapore but there are events organized for those that are interested to participate in theme parks etc.

The word ‘hallow’ to me means Death and Halloween to me means a day for the dead to come into the world to haunt it. It is a night where people will come out at night, dressed in all kinds of frightening costumes to try and frighten the frightening or vice verse. I love the pumpkin most. With the cut round eyes and a tooth, it looks adorable and yet a bit spooky. To think pumpkins are used in fairy tales and an important decoration for Halloween.

All Halloween goodies are out by now and parents surely have a hole in their pockets. Kids probably are the happiest. They are all ready with their scary make up, pumpkin lanterns and waiting to join their friends on this night to walk around neighborhood. It is a good community event and for networking.

So what comes into your mind for Halloween? He is Count Dracula of course. The story of the blood sucking count is a character we are familiar with, on the movie set as well as novels. He sleeps in a coffin, wore cloak, had a pale face, frighteningly handsome and he had ‘fangs’ for easy access to the blood vessels on your neck. It is funny that he sucked blood from females, maybe because they are the weaker sex. It is full moon night, when he flew around and comes into the balcony of the heroine. Those bitten became Dracula as well and life goes on in bloody account.

The next favorite is a visit to haunted houses. I suppose on this night the spooky will come out and party in full force. Do not try anything even if you think you are a hero. An eerie thought strikes me – what if one walks around in a frightening dressed up and come face to face with a real one? For me I probably will not be frightened because I will take it that it is another human dressed up as a spooky…ha.a.a.a. This is the best time to make friends with the spooky because there is no lines drawn. So much for my crazy, wild imaginations!

Halloween is said to be a Celtic Festival. It is actually to celebrate the end of Autumn or harvest. The good part of the year to plant, sow and harvest are over and now getting ready for winter. It is time to take stocks of food and all necessities for Winter. The crossing over to cold period ends in 31`October and according to folklore, the energy is weakest between the human world and spirit world. To ward off these spirits, one dresses up as one of these spirits so that one will not be harmed.

There is a certain similarity between Halloween and the Chinese Lunar Seventh Month when we celebrate the Chinese All Souls Day. According to believe, the Hell Gate was opened for 15 days to allow the dead to come back to human world. To appease and to entertain them, we did streets wayang and temples organized prayers sessions to elevate those that are still suffering in the lower realms. To the businessmen, such events generate income.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN DAY to all visiting friends to my Blog.

(Attached is a picture of my Farm at Farmville. I got myself a haunted house, pumpkin house and all the goodies to be a part in this celebration.)

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