Monday, March 1, 2010

Wise saying....more

More wisdom to ponder..

If a person do not understand what is Life, Life to him is suffering more than joy.

If you intend to change someone, it is easier to change one self.

Wisdom is richness, Richness is not just material things.

People who always forgive themselves will never get forgiveness from know why?

Human are funny, they do not know oneself But always think they know others.

When you are suffering, you know you are chasing the wrong thing.

Good look is but skin deep.

When looking at desirable objects, asked yourself what will it be when it is dead.

Ordinary people are really the extraordinary ones...not those who make themselves look extraordinary.

To the sleepless, the night is long. To the tired, the road is long. To the unwise, the solution is always wrong.

Wrong views, wrong way.

If you think that others is always right, and you are always wrong...will you be unhappy?

If you think you are right, you need not say 'sorry'. If you know you are wrong, why do it in the first place.

A chipped bowl cannot be whole again, but it still can be used unless you discard it.

If there is 'nothingness', so why are people fighting for 'greatness'?

The most precious thing you can have in this world is a good fried, most of the time we doubt our good friend.

We are always being deceived by outlook...and yet we still go for it.

When you pray to Buddha to bless you, it is faster if you blessed yourself with goodness.

People always doubt what they have and the other pasture is always greener.

To Buddha, Sentient Beings are work on it.

I am not keen to be born into the lower realms, I am not keen to be born into Heaven...I just want to be born as a Human so that I can achieve Enlightenment.

Those who laugh last, laugh best.

Watch your heart, it is ever changing. It gives you more pictures than you can capture with a camera. Be it the pictures in your heart or the pictures in the camera - they are illusion.

The Me, You and I...are merely what are we?

Wisdom is acquired over time... it is not inborn.

You can only change people who are ready to change... you cannot force changes.

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