Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One's Health...

Lately I was busy running around in and out of hospital because my brother was taken ill. It happened all of a sudden after his trip to Malaysia. He came back and vomited and everything that came out was black in color. He also had bad stomach and all that came out was also black. He looked pale and was breathless. With the little medical knowledge that I had, I knew it must be internal bleeding. He went to see a GP and later when it did not get better, he saw a Chinese Physician. In the middle of the night he woke me and I saw that he was really bad. I rushed him to hospital. He can hardly walked and was breathless even for that few steps he took.

Doctor was not sure what was it but took some blood for testing and made him rest in the Observation Ward. However I gave a thumb-up for the Doctor who took care of him. He was decisive and fast. He gave my brother blood transfusion and immediately sent him for Endoscopy. He allowed me to follow him to the Operating Room where Endoscopy was performed to wait for my brother.

Sitting in the waiting lounge area, I looked around me. The lights were off, no one was working and the whole place was silent. I can hear my heartbeats. Thoughts rushed through my mind. What will the Doctor find? Doctor confirmed it was internal bleeding and anything to do with blood internally can be life threatening. What will the diagnosis be?

I sat and prayed. Fortunately I did not panicked and thanks to the faith I had in my Religion and my Guru. I had faith in my brother who is always kind and compassionate. I understand the law of Karma. If anything bad is to come, I will have to face it. I am prepared for the worst. The half hour wait was like centuries. I continued to chant Ohm Mani Padme Hum.

The Senior Medical Officer came to see me. He said it was stomach ulcer and had caused internal bleeding. The did the scan but because there were still food in the stomach, they were not able to see the whole stomach. They stopped the bleeding but my brother needs to be warded. They will perform another Endoscopy for him in the morning to make sure that there was nothing else. I was relieved it was not cancer but still internal bleeding is not something to be taken lightly. The Doctor who took care of my brother came to see me. He told me the same thing and he was very reassuring. I thanked him for putting me at ease and yet told me the seriousness. I sent my brother to ward, saw him settled down and left him in the good hands of the nurses on duty.

By the time I reached home, it was 3.30am in the morning. As I entered the house, the place was dark and the house was quiet. I showered and sat on the sofa all by myself. I wished I could call somebody but I knew that everyone is sleeping. I did not want to call any friends, as a matter of fact I did not call my sister, Judy too. Why do I need to alarm her when everything was settled.

I realized that in time like this, I can only fall back on my religion, the teachings I had from the Buddha, the goodness I had done...not denying I had done bad as well. Others may not have the time for me and by calling them at wee hours is like disturbing them. I shouldered all these and it is my problem and not others. Moreover we are not family and I do not know what will they think. People are so complicated and I learnt it the hard way.

I realized now why there are so many suicide cases. There are people out there who need help but WHO, WHOM and WHERE? Instead of calling all the help lines which you may not have the numbers on hand, you will call the first person that comes into your mind. I am surprised, my mind is blank. There is no one I wanted to call.

Therefore health is very important. You must know your body. Do not take your body for granted. Do not take any symptom of feeling sick lightly. Eat is not the size nor the is the health.

Take care.


  1. Lian
    Continue to be strong!
    You have to take good care of your health too.
    Please help me sent my regards to your brother. Wish him a speedy recovery and good health.

  2. May your brother get well soon. May the blessing of the Triple Gems be with your brother always!

    You must also take good care of yourself!

  3. Hi Snow...thank you. Brother is out of hospital.

    Dear Sathira...thank you too. May the Triple Gems bless you and your family too.

    丹...谢了. 你好吗? 最近在想你潜水到那里了. 感谢你让我知道你还在. Take carre,,a