Saturday, February 21, 2009

Child Abuse....

This World is sick. People are mentally sick. I read on a blog about a baby boy who was ill-treated to death by his mother and boy friend. This baby is used as a punch bag, an anger vent machine and no one care about his plight. His mother and her boy friend used chocolate to cover his wounds. He was brought to doctors, social workers and reported to the police...but I am so sorry that this child lived in a cold society. All these people could have done something - they could have removed him from his mother but they all let him die. When he was found all blue and dead, he was already disfigured. Biopsy showed that he swallowed a teeth, lost finger and toe nails, broken backbones, rib bones - WHY?

These people are pervert, they want to have fun...and the innocent kid suffered. Using chocolate to hide the wound of the kid...YES, the word is 'HIDE'...OH MY GOD. When you HIDE, you are GUILTY! If you are interested to read more can google search and the story and pictures of the extend of abuses is something we are ignorant about. It is out of sight, out of mind. Mass attitude is - it never happen to me, so I need not bother. (The child in the picture is dead, killed by his parents.)

These cases are reported over news, people wrote books about them....CHILD ABUSE and CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. I guarantee you that some of the stories will make you puke. You can't even bear to read them. (Does the picture looks innocent? It is not. It is sexual abuse.)

I think human is the worst ANIMAL alive. Animals have sex and at certain season for reproductions. HUMAN have sex, and mentally full of LUST! HUMAN, have no season, they have it any day, any time and any way they like - whether willingly or by rape. They do not know or distinguish whether the person they are 'doing' to is their sister, mother or daughter.

Have you heard of a baby of a few months old got raped? This tender life is defenseless. The rape victim had a burst intestine and bleed to death. WHY? Can you imagine a man penis that goes right up to the throat of a few months old baby? It is pervert, it is sick. Sorry, if anyone reading here find this is offensive. It is happening everyday.

You read about children being abused by their young parents by canning, burning with cigarettes, by cutting them with knife, by hitting them with an all kind of ways imaginable.

I had a child who reported to me during my social work days that her Dad, it is her own father who nearly raped her if not for his sisters and brothers who rushed to the room when they heard her crying. She refused to go home and the case was reported to police. You know what was the excuse the Dad told her 'Your mother refused to 'F***', so it is her fault. I am a man after all'.

I have a friend whose brother completed 'A' level and the whole group went to celebrate after the final paper. They were at a lounge and he was not even drinking but only a COKE. The next morning, he woke up on a bed with an old man next to him. He was naked and of course he had it from the 'back'. He was so mentally upset that he went home, did not tell anyone, went into the bathroom and stayed there for more than 3 hours. His brother who was my friend found it strange and started banging the door - no respond but only running water and sound of scrubbing. He got worried and called me. Because this young man has always treated me like an aunt and he reacted to me well, his brother called me. I rushed to the house and banged on the door. 'Hi, Soon...this is Aunt the door. Are you OK?'...I heard sobbing. 'Soon, open the door. If there is anything, you can tell me. There is nothing to be afraid of. We will solve it the door'. I was ignorant...I did not know how grievous a suffering he was going through. We thought that it was school. 'Soon...if you don't open the door, we will break the door and come in'. He still did not open up. Together with his brother, we forced opened the door. Soon was sitting on the bathroom floor in a daze. He was scrubbing his legs, and he was bleeding from arms to body to legs - he scrubbed to such extend that he broke the skin. OH MY GOD. I wrapped him up in a towel and his body was cold and he was shaking. He kept saying to me 'Aunt Lian... I am so dirty you know... I am so dirty. I scrubbed and yet I cannot get it off. You see my back... is the 'hole' very big?. It is painful. I am so ashamed. I cannot see my parents'. With that he broke down and cry.

I am at a lost at what he was trying to say. So I thought he had relationship problem. He was a young man of 17. A fair, tall and nice looking boy. He was mumbling and he was in a stage of shocked. 'Soon, tell me what happened?'. I shook him. He looked at me, he cried and he banged his head on the wall. I managed to hold him but not in time, he hit his head. Blood oozed out. I am really frightened by his action. His brother shook him as well and Soon pushed him away and shouted 'Don't touch me you dirty 'bas***d'. OH MY GOD...what had happened to this good nature boy? He cooled down after banging his head on the must be the pain...he said 'Aunt Lian...can I talk to you. Can you ask my brothers and sister out of the room?'.... I looked at Peng and told him to go out. I locked the door and I sat down with Soon. Among sobbing and mumbling, I cannot really comprehend what he was saying mostly but I got the gist.... he was raped! Someone spike his drink and sold him to this dirty old man. Can you imagine how traumatic it was? It took him years to recover, or did he?
One of my friends called and tell me 'Lian, there are so much injustice out there, what can we do?'

Sorry, I am angered by what I read about the child. I cannot SHUT MY MOUTH, MY EARS and MY EYES. I might as well be dumb, be deaf be mute. As long as my senses are intact... I will not keep DUMB. I may not be able to do lots but I can at least SHOUT here on my blog where some will see, will hear and will talk about it! I have been telling the young of responsibilities and consequences. I am very intense on subject like this as it happened before my eyes.

What's wrong with the World??

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