Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Magazine Covers...

I created these some time back using some of the templates from the hosting sites. I wanted to put them up but did not find the time till now.

Although these are fake magazine covers but they look real and nice. I specially like the 'Holiday Times'. The picture was taken with my handphone on an 18th Floor of HSBC's office while waiting to see a client. It shows the waterfront of Singapore and the hotels around the bay.

'My Baby' is my precious Ming Jian...he is so lovable. He is always very happy to see me. Our greeting is a 'Hi 5' and we will touched each other hand. A cheerful baby, just celebrated his 1 year old birthday. Such a joy to have around the house. I carried him when he held out his hands to me one day. He put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. It is a joy to see a sleeping child, may he be blessed and grow up to be a healthy, happy and responsible young man.

'Outdoor' is the picture I took when I was on holiday in Bintan. The scenery was so beautiful and breathtaking. I was standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. Can't help but to take a picture and it turned out to be a magazine shot.

'Sport Today' had all my department colleagues in it. We were having a day of fun and game at the seaside. We did a team building event followed by nature walk and of course....eating! This was done on Earth Day and we wanted to educate the staff about the environment.

'House & Home' was a picture I took of the hotel I stayed when I was in Bangkok last. It was a renowned hotel. I love the interior decor and cannot help but snapped a picture with my handphone camera. Never expect it to turn out this way.

'MotorMania' has my little Mazda. It is my car...nice blue color right? My economical 'sport'. It is a Mazda 2 SP. This little fellow is 2-1/2 years old now, pretty new too. Blue is a nice color and it keeps me COOL.

'Bling' has a picture of a KamCheng, a Peranakan container which was framed up in gold. The Bibi and Baba Heritage is one of its kind in South East Asia. Due to the recent opening of the Peranakan Museum and the show on TV, everyone starts to wake up to a heritage that is part of ours and taken for granted. The Peranakan has beautiful ceramics in vibrant colors. The pictures on it are mostly peony flowers, Phoenix and crysantemums.

'TeenGirl' has a picture of the anime girl with tears. I love this picture..they baby blue color is 'cool' with the red lips...and the blink blink on her hair. I used it for one of my posting. This is taken from the web therefore not a camera picture from me. Credit goes to the artist.

'Fashion' showcase a photo which I posted up not long ago.I picked this photo because of the hairstyle. Pleated hairs in small strands are 'in' once upon a time. However it is hair fashion and not a picture I took from the web so no one is going to come after my back.

All for good cheers!

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