Saturday, March 7, 2015

Missing in Action

It has been some time since I last posted. Many things happened and I cannot find time to do my posting.

In life we do on and off take a break from our normal routine. It is healthy. It is also human that we will look for new things to keep our interest and mind occupied.

Recently I changed a job and just started with them a few weeks ago. I have not done accounting before but this posting required me to use an accounting systems. This is something new to me but it is interesting. I just need to get use to it.

This is my first time working with a manufacturing firm and there are lots to learn about the products listing and the production line. The various products, designs, colors, fabric, accessories are something really new to me. The most important thing is, at least I am busy from the time I step into office and until I call it a day.

Finding a job sometimes need luck. I saw this posting online and decided to walk-in. This is a private company and therefore I met the bosses who happened to be around. Rarely people trust their judgement but they did not look at my qualifications. From our chatting they probably gathered my working experiences and my ability to fulfill their needs. From the minute I walked out, I knew I have the job.

This is also the blessings of the Buddha. I have prayed for a job with understanding Bosses. Tara's indications are it will happened naturally and no need to worry about it. True enough it happened. I completed my contract on 31st Jan 2015, interviewed this job on 3rd Feb and started work on 9th Feb 2015. There is no chance for a break and no chance to prepare for Chinese New Year.

Since this new posting is not a contract but a permanent posting, I will be able to work as long as I want. The Bosses are nice and I count my blessings. Do you like my new seat above?

Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe 2015.

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