Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Meeting the Tiger...

Actually I do not want to talk about this case because it is under fire and still hot on the daily news. However I remember I read somewhere, "the more you dig, the smell will get from bad to worst". It is true, just because of one case and all those that have suffered silently stepped up to air their woes.

This case of cheating retailers (not that it is new) happened everywhere in the world. I felt that if I am being cheated, it just shows that I am ignorant. I buy something without checking on the prices and comparing them. Again, buying something and needing a warranty is to protect against faulty item. To sign on papers has nothing to do with you being educated or uneducated, it is whether you understand the implications and at the same time the COST of signing papers. Do we read? Foreigners became scapegoats to this unlawful practices because they are here for a short stay. I supposed many went home suffering. Most of the time these people worked so hard, save a bit of money and hoping to get a toy (handphone in this case) to make himself happy and got stuck with such unhappy memories. It really damaged the reputation of the Country.

The scam at Sim Lim Square is a shame. It is like human borne in perfect human form but do not act like one, what a waste. I first read that the errant retailer throw refund monies on the floor for the poor customer to pick up - mind you in different denominations coins! Is it fun to see people stoop so low to pick up their monies? What type of gratification is this? It is a mockery of others dignity. Again within the same week another customer was cheated. He had to knee down to beg for refund! I could not bring myself to see the video which went viral. My heart ached.

This person who ran the shop, what sort of upbringing he has? I wondered the school he went to. I wondered what is his value as a human, as a son, as a responsible citizen, as a husband, as a father and as a friends? Looking at the way he behaves, it is understandable that his motivation is to make money, more money and more more money irregardless how he does it. This person have no sympathy, I don't want to say compassion (compassion is too big a word for him).

In here I saw the swift reaction of KARMA - what goes around comes around. Now the whole Singapore is after him - he angered Singaporean by his behaviours. All the "smelly" transactions are out in the open. I am amazed at netizens and the power of internet. They found all his personal particulars, where he lives, whom is his wife and what is her job. They even found where his mother is selling cooked food. Just because of his behaviors, he  subjected his family members to shame, harassment and caustic comments.

He did not apologized and obviously did not regret. He went into hiding. He sold his shop and continue to live a life and hoping the case will blow over. He will start his business all over again, in another name or use others name and continue to make his fortune.

Thanks to him, more and more retailers are now being targeted of error retailing, how about that? Singaporean should thank him for exposing not only himself and other retailers too. This will make it easy to do a one time cleaning of all retailers! I Kudos Jover Chew. He is an overnight celebrity.

A Chinese proverb..."going up the mountain too often will surely meet a Tiger". 

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