Monday, April 14, 2014

Love and kill......

Recently the case of  Paralympian Oscar Pistorius caught my eyes. It was an unfortunate and sad case that he is suspect of shooting his girl friend and is now pending charges of murder. No one knows what transpired but she was badly shot and died on the spot. One bullet hit her head and smashed it like a water melon. Ironically it happened on Valentine Day. Neighbors said they heard scream followed with shots and concluded the couple probably have arguments which aggravated to such extend . If he was found guilty, there goes his career and life.

In Singapore we also have cases where couples shot or knifed or chopped each others to death. There was a case which I remember how a woman was chopped up by her lover. The body was disposed over different parts of Singapore. How can someone be so cold blooded to a woman whom you hold in your arms, someone you make love to, someone who loves you and trusted you with her life? There are plenty of such cases.

What happened to LOVE? Is it LOVE? or is it LUST that people got together? Is it LOVE or is it just for convenient to satisfied one's beast instinct?

For a woman, we always think that it is a must to get married. Some suffered silently, some fight and got beaten up but have no way of getting away, some paid with their lives. Some decided they want to get away from parents control and the best way is to get out of the house and chooses any willing parties to marry. Is this a wise choice?

There were so many cases in the papers about women falling gullible preys to love scams. They are lucky they lost only monies and not lives. Is one so desperate for LOVE that one can trust someone that one do not really know but only what was projected over internet? There are social websites for such links because people are lonely and there is a market for love scamming. Even if one knows the person and moves around like a couple, one is still unable to pin down a person character let alone over cyber?

I saw a program on China's television of people coming forward to declare their love for a man or a woman. They have not met but only on the set and they declared that "I love you", "you are the one", "you are the one I wanted"...etc. Of course these young men and women have love is love of look at first sight? I really do not know how many are real or it is a show to fan the desires and loneliness. Some of the men are very picky and from their reactions you can tell they are aggressive. However women are such funny creatures, they like "bad" boys. As I look at the man's careers, most of the young men said they own an online shop so it makes them a businessman. I have a single girl friend that worked in China and I asked why she is still single. There are plenty of good looking young men in China and she said "most of them do not have work or career, they live off their girl friends". So much for LOVE.

My advise for women is that LOVE yourself, know your self worth and be street smart. We are no longer living in our mothers' eras that we cannot be left on the shelf. Do we want to risk our lives for LOVE? Do not let yourself be USED! Wake Up Girls!!!

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