Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Movies....and its message

I was invited to a movie by a friend. She said it was a movie by Michelle Chong. So I asked what's the title of the movie...and it is "3 Peas in a Pod".

We arrived at the cinema to realize that it was opening night and needless to say the casts were there and companies who booked various Halls to entertain their customers/ friends. I was curious and without much expectation I sat through the show.

The three young casts were truly armatures and there is nothing wrong with it. When you are young, you get away with anything. It dawned on me that GOSH! what sort of Mandarin is a Singaporean girl speaking. A new style of Singapore Chinese slang? A bit weird to me. The storyline is no different - boy like girl and girl like another boy.

Actually if you asked me whether I like the show... I will say NO! NO! NO! I do not know what message is Michelle driving at? I am surprised that Australia Tourism Board support this show...giving Michelle face? or desperately trying to show off this Kangaroo Island. Beautiful scenery with a distorted story...a suicide at sunrise???!!!

I am picking flaws. I think the whole movie is really a distorted one. Three beautiful young students just completed Uni, beginning of life with a beautiful friendship ends up one suicides, two break off as friends.

The worst, the suicide have to take place on Kangaroo Island at a place called Prospect Hill. What a place to die and at sunrise. What prospect does this movie have? The breaking of dawn is the start of a new day and a new beginning and it started with death!

What message is given to young adults who watched the movie...that life is cheap? Being a young adult, there are many possibilities that this movie can end. The movie can celebrates another phrase of life i.e passing out from Uni to a new world of opportunities. It can also celebrates a life long friendship which ended with the three friends meeting together again in their retired age.

Anyway the person directing the show gives me an insight on her, she had distorted views. She is full of negative energy and some parts of her are not happy. All laughter do not mean that person is happy or most important peaceful. If a person cannot be peaceful with herself and her surroundings, how can she produces something that is positive.

I wasted my time on this movie, even though it is free. I could have invested my time in better movies. I ended up negative tooooo...... with so many negative remarks! Remember.....Message....is.....contagious! I caught it from “3 Peas In A Pod”.

For information, I have actually written this post long ago and should have posted it immediately but I do not want to explode at that point of time...give face to the 3 young actors, not the director!

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