Friday, August 23, 2013


WoW! I really take my hat off these women. I suppose the World advanced to such a state that people think they do not need to dress appropriately in public.

Look at these pictures, they are so skimpily dressed. I will not even wear this at home, and ever such in public. What is there to show? You have figure? You are young? You have a bigger breast? Or the bra is too tight to keep it in place?

I bet you these are not Singaporean. If they are than they are "one screw loose". They are oblivious to people around them. They do not know how to respect others and I am embarrassed. You can say that I care more about the values that will be imparted to young people. Such views if wrongly imparted will turn the young into a shameless society if they think that dressing such is OK. I am not a prude!!! I think as a woman we must know how to respect ourselves. There are plenty of clothes around. If you can afford buy branded, if you can't buy simple. It is not the $$$ in the clothes you wear but the way you wear it.

I believe in dressing appropriately at appropriate places. Gym attire should be wore in the Gym, pajamas are for bedrooms, lingerie are internal and can be wore in the bed rooms as well. Nowadays, the swim wears are the skimpiest ever. Who created Fashion and Trend? They throw modesty out of the windows.

Some of the singers are thinking they can attract crowds by doing so. Of course people love to watch their MTVs. They dress as little as they can, come up with all kind of make-up or no make-up like a dead has arise. They dance and grit on the stage and dirty dance with themselves and male dancers. They have all the cheap thrills by rubbing against each other and of course their so call Fans are having cheap thrills as well. They lead a Culture and these people have NO social responsibilities.

GOSH! the World is going backwards. There will come a day we walk around like early man - DRESS LESS!! It is already happening. I really believe that what goes up must come down and what happened than will come back as a fashion now. It is the Law of Gravity.

So WOMEN, if you chose to dress like this, you are inviting to be abused. If your modesty are being abused, you ASK FOR IT. If you are sexually abused, I supposed your dressing said you enjoy it and that is why the animals are at you. If you are killed in the process....I am so sorry. I am a Buddhist and I should have compassion. Writing here as a warning is compassion because Buddhist believe that what you Sow is what you will REAP.

To the people creating FASHION, they only need to make themselves known and of course make money. To those who are blind, they follow without thinking. People think the lesser cloth on the body mean they are SEXY. It is not a good word, not complimentary like ''you got brain". SEXY means arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest!!!

Clothes are created to make the body looked beautiful. Different type of clothes are for different functions and places. There are of course people who think clothes limit their movements.

As a woman, I feel shamed that another woman do not know how to respect herself which also reflected badly on other women too.

There are so many rape cases, rape and killed cases, men who molest and outraged women's modesty and all imaginable and unimaginable happened. It is these under-dressed people, social media and all the bloody/ sex movies implanted all the wrong concepts, thoughts and ideas.

Of course you can say it is your choice.

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