Monday, August 19, 2013

Letting Go....

I realized long ago that ‘suffering’ is a lonely process. No one can share and no one can take it away. It is a lonely path, you have to keep 'phyco-ing' yourself…and find ways and means to walk out of this ‘wall’ that encased you. For of all of us, I believe in some way or another experienced this along our life. Most came out fine, some did not come out at all…they lost themselves in their own World. They ‘shut’ out and people called them crazy or mad.

To all my readers, please GIVE yourself a chance. Come out, walk out and remember that there are people who cares. If you are caught in the web, when you find yourself helpless and when you are frightened..there are helplines…

I saw pain, I saw struggles, and one encouraged oneself to come to term with the lost relationship. IT IS BRAVE! It is the greatness of a woman’s love, one deserves better. Acknowledge the pain..accept the process of recovery. The road is not going to be smooth sailing..but the rainbow is ahead!

...A LOVE NAMED “LETTING GO”- this is the title I gave to this piece.

There is a kind of love,
hanging on teardrops,
sadly beautiful.

There is a kind of love,
deeply pained the heart,
but you see a smile on the face.

There is a kind of love,
that lives on forever
but I am no longer a part of it.

Once I innocently believe that
no matter how long in Time
how far into Space
Love will not change

Love does not need a reason!
But now I saw my loved one brushes pass me
Holding another’s hand
Tears continue to flow in my heart!

Love cannot become a burden
I chose to let you go
Even though I am bleeding profusely inside
Because I love you so much
I do not want to see you sandwiched in between
My wish is very simple
that you go on in Life happily

Everything has come to a standstill
but pain did not stop
You will only know if you have truly LOVE,
and our happiness is now only memories.

No amount of Love can make you change your mind ..
I once wished that I walked this Life to the end with you,
Just holding your hand.
Now I can only be comforted
That I am once part of this 'Wish'

Loving someone is not to be his BURDEN
Having Love in the heart makes Life beautiful.

Our meeting is Destiny
Knowing you is Affinity
Loving you is Fate

The condition of Love arises and now it is over.
The ability to ‘Let Go’…is true love!

There is a Love, named “LETTING GO”


...true to the song from ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

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