Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Religion Monies....

It saddens me to see, and I am sure these are happening not just in Singapore but all over the World.

Monies is the roots of all evils. When there are so much monies, if one does not use it to benefits oneself, it will be wasted sitting there. It is these thoughts that brought reputations down the drains, not to oneself but the religion as well as its denomination too.

What makes people think they can use 'Religion Monies' and on the pretext that they are doing good for the religious mass? In the name of  ''GOD" monies can be raised easily and without questions. People give willingly to ''GOD", not to person or persons so that they can use it for their own interest.
When so many people are working so hard and honestly to bring home bread and butter to make ends meet, for educations of children, for a roof over heads, for some food on the table or a piece of cloth to cover the body and here people in the name of "God" live a good life.
Actually I really like a story I read and to cut it short is that when you die you bring nothing but your merits and demerits.

I followed the news of the happenings. I am sure the members are hurt. Of course there are some die hards who do not want to accept the truth. They just have to ask themselves, they are steadfast in believe to "GOD" or they are fans running around a "make believe representative" of GOD and a celebrity wife?

Spiritual sanctuary is a must because there will be time when one needs inner peace and to be freed from all mundane activities. When one is sad, when one is troubled, when one needs an advice, when one wants to find a solution. One prays and retreats into oneself, to be in touch within with the 'spiritual entity'. It gives you strength, comfort, and the courage to move on. However because we have so many agendas ourselves, it is so easy to pull spider webs over our eyes.
Anyway I am not interested in the millions and trillions if it is not mine. Although there are people who think they can escape going to be ''roasted'' after all who knows. I am not taking the risks because I know there are places of ''fire'' waiting. It is we choose to go there not that we have to go there. Before going there firstly suffers on Earth, being named ''untrustworthy'', being named ''a cheat'', being bog down with all the legal proceedings - are you able to sleep? Don't tell me that all these really doesn't matter, it will definitely have psychological effects.

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