Monday, June 10, 2013

Bird flu...H7N9

Many of us are travelling either for leisure or for business but how many of us vaccinate our self before we travel or are we ignorant? Recently there are also reported death in China on the H7N9 flu. It is reported but how bad is it no one knows. So to take care of yourself, no matter what country you are traveling to, protect yourself.
What is H7N9?
Flu or Influenza is a viral infection. There are 3 types of Flu A, B and C. H7N9 is Avian Flu and belongs to the A category which comes from birds. This Flu H7N9 is currently notorious in parts of China. The mostly affected areas are places we all love to go like Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui.
Authorities are trying to establish how did this bird flu spread to human and it is so deadly. There are virus spread by animals and people are not able to understand why, even dogs. I have friends who just touch any cute looking dogs along the walkway, not knowing the dogs background. There are people who keep pets and they sleep with their pets. I will not say too much here or people who love their pets will throw stones at me.
So what are the signs of H7N9?
These are indicators but when we have persistent fever, cough and you cannot breath properly, it is better to see a doctor than pass it off as normal flu. Bird flu will lead to serious breathing problem, pneumonia and eventually death.
So is there a cure?
My doctor say 'No'. There is no indication that it is communicable between human but better to be save than sorry. So if you are travelling, vaccinate against flu.
So what to further prep yourself?
1) Personal hygiene - wash your hands
2) Watch what you eat and make sure they are steaming hot and cooked
3) When you touch any animals, especially birds i.e chicken, pigeons etc. do wash your hands.
4) I know there are people who love to consume animals' blood, do avoid.
5) We all love animals but please avoid touching any animals dead or alive if you do not know what is the caused of death.
There are many ways in daily hygiene that one should note and practice and ways to ensure one immune system remains strong.

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