Sunday, May 8, 2011

Election 2011

The dust is settling down after last night watershed fights at all the electoral divisions except one. I did not write anything before the day and now just to drop a few lines to record the day. From now to the next 5 years we will see what will happen. It will set pace and stage for the next round of election. By than who will rule will be very obvious.

The people of Singapore took to express their dissatisfaction this round, very strongly by giving 1 GRC and 1 SMC to the opposition. Although the win was a walk-over but the percentage was not exciting. It was sad that BG George Yeo lost out Aljunied. He is one of my favorite minister and will still be. Too bad Aljunied did not see it. Good luck to the opposition and all eyes will be on you. Making a lot of noise is one thing, to deliver will be the utmost.

It was unfortunate that Uncle Chaim lost out in PP. If Uncle Chaim did not abandoned PP, his party will still have one place? However I think he is cultivating a bigger area...a GRC. He is so sure that his wife will win? People move in and out an estate to other places. The sure win yesterday will not be a sure win today and vice verse for all other estates as well.

Our All Time favorite is LSL and it is jubilant to see him win AMK GRC. We still have hope in him so Singapore will not hand over the country to the oppositions. We cannot deny the track records the winning party had done all these years, thank you. However I hope the winning party sees clearly this time what is the message that the people is giving out. Singapore is changing...what do the people want? After watching some of the speeches on TV and media, is there a split internally within the winning party. We know that you cannot break a bunch of sticks when they are united, but not so sure if they are split into a smaller bundles. Visions must be communicated to the mass clearly and not losing sight of the big pictures with side ones. Anyway it is a testing ground to give in to some unpopular decisions and saw the results. The standard of living is really high. I wonder a jobless girl like me, still trying to find a job, surviving on the little saving I had and for how long?

There are a few unpopular ministers and their winning margins spoke loud and clear. Housing - is a big issue. I am not surprised with the just 10,000 votes winning, wake up man. It is not how great you are when parked with a winning party. Insensitivity also dragged down the party's reputations and votes. Next is Health...what is this $8 for a bypass? We have to buy insurance for such big operation as we cannot afford it and here is a minister who can afford and paid $8.00? How did this come about? And why asked people to die in JB? Did he really said this or is it rumors?

Anyway life goes on. The winner will surely sit down and ask what went wrong? The oppositions - looked like most of them got their monies back. Anyway I don't know why the winning opposition is called Tin-Can. To me tin can only makes lots of noise. Give them a chance...

What goes up will come down...and...what is down will go up. It is the LAW of the universe. Whether the people of a country enjoys prosperity, peace and is joined KARMA. Karma does not belongs to the is a universal law BUT only the Buddha brought it up.

Good luck to myself and all Singaporean. Congratulations PAP!!!

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