Monday, April 4, 2011

My Thoughts - 2011

1) I Love My Parents...they are Irreplaceable!

2) To Deal...with...honesty to oneself and others.

3) The world revolves around me and I revolve around them...

4) To live sincerely...and die peacefully.

5) The statement of 'What you see is what you get' is no longer true.

6) People say and do things with an Agenda and you can't be too careful.

7) Is your life in daylight reality and your dream unreal? THINK...again. You perform all activities when you are 'awake ' and 'dream' you actually 'wake-up' in both how can one be real and the other unreal?

8) Does one needs to be a fanatic in religious believes? The term 'fanatic' = a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm. How can anything irrational be taken as Truth?

9) Buddha taught the 'Middle Path'. Anything that is pulled to an extreme and lulled to an extreme will not produced ideal result.

10) Did you see or recall any of the great religious Leaders - Buddha, Christ and others an extremists?

11) What chances human has against Nature?

12) Silence is Golden...unless you are dead.

13) Human unkindness is performing thoughtless actions that hurt others indirectly.

14) Money is not everything BUT without money, who is going to pity you?

15) You can live poor BUY you cannot live without dignity.

16) How many people can put others happiness in front of them without personal agenda.

17) Sometime when I try to explain myself, I realized the more I explain the more ridiculous it becomes.

18) I hope to live life simply or live a simple live?

19) We are attending lessons every day but we never learn.

20) It is very difficult to be oneself. I am influenced by people around me. If I am myself, people will say I am anti social.

21) It is sad to know that one's freedom is in the hands of another.

22) What will you do if you know that tomorrow the world is coming to an end?

23) When you are alone, you are true; when you are with another, you try to be true; when you are with more people, you put the truth behind you.

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