Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cries of the dolphins...

Did you ever thought for once when you were at Ocean World, Aquarium World and all the aqua shows around the world that the cute dolphins acrobatic for your amusement barely escape the butchers knives?

When the people in the world are shouting for Green, protect the environment, protect the animals, protect Mother Gaia...there are equal or even more damages done than we ever care to admit.

These pictures sicken me and my heart ached painfully. When we killed for food, it is to keep us alive. We long know that eating vegetables are healthy and we won't die from it BUT meat tasted better, isn't it? Animals killed only when they are hungry, Human killed for all kind of absurd reasons. Look at this sea of blood. I am not going to hide it...the country is Denmark! This is Dolphins Killing Festival. The purpose, the Killers are young men and they have to kill dolphins to prove that they have come of age. What a way to come of show that one is grown up, the first lesson is to learn how to kill. Start by killing animals...and later human. What is the Denmark Government doing? If this is a tradition, why can't they do it some other way?

Did you hear the dolphins cries? These are the intelligent Calderon Dolphins' fate...or you may say it is their Karma...that they had to die for some human proof of manhood. How ironical.

I bet you, the people who have fun now...will cry later. What goes around comes around and he who laugh last, laugh best! I have given up sashimi for sure. Ohm Mani Padme Hum!

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