Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stay focus...

Buddha attained Enlightenment during meditation. Therefore it is crucial that we meditate. It is during meditation that we are able to see the activities of our mind. We can only do so when we are focus and once we do, we are able to tame it. The ability to stay focus is called “awareness”.

There are many ways to meditation and many subjects to meditate on. In my earlier years I took meditation under a Master. He was a very good guide. He took me from concentrating to a point on my nose to enter into the various stages of Jhana. It is something I never thought I could achieved. He pointed out that we should be mindful when we enter into Jhana. When we get too engrossed in the bliss of each stage, we will be caught up in desire. During meditation people said they saw lights, Buddhas, Bodhisattva and frightening images. These are tricks played by the mind. The mind is able to manifest things of desire as well as things that you are afraid off.

Not every one is able to concentrate. For some, the time of concentration is very short but the more discipline ones, they can sit for hours or days. Some guys friends said that they find it difficult to sit as their crossed legs were painful and thus lost focus. Some said they have visions of all the lustful “applications” that they find it disturbing and felt that it is wrong. Others, their mind flickers around like monkey. I am amazed how our mind changes “channels” faster than we say “ABC”.

All the thoughts that came to our mind are the activities that we performed daily and throughout many life times. Do not say that you will not remember what you have said about another persons, or the bad you have done to another person, or some secrets which you do not like others to know and will forget after some time… it is not true, it will return to haunt you for sure.

For different type of people, the meditation subjects varies. For a starter, it is Breathing. It is focusing the taking of air into one nostril and come out by the other nostril. Just keep your mind on it. I guarantee that your mind will stray, it’s OK…just come back once you realized that you have ‘gone’ off to somewhere else. Keep on it and nothing can be achieved without perseverance. Once you are able to tame your mind, you can move on to other topics like Rising and Falling; Cause and Effect; Walking or Sensory feelings that you have with your 5 Senses or simply watch the mind.

There are many gurus on the nets telling you how you can meditate or what you should meditate. To me is simply be aware of what you are doing. If you speak cheerfully, note it; if you become angry, note it…simply note what is going on without being judgemental. Be aware so that you do not create further negative Karma for yourself. The Mind is like a child, once the Mind knows that you are watching her, she will quiet down and behave. As time goes by, you will be able to control your mind more and more.

Whether you are praying silently, chanting loudly, bowing full body on the ground, sitting cross-legged, walking, talking, sleeping…it all boiled down to being aware of yourself and your surrounding. Note that nothing is permanent. Things change every minutes and so is our mind. The true nature of oneself is actually as it is. No need to think of the past, what will happen the next minute or what will the future be. Live NOW.

I will not go into details on step to step meditation. However I learnt one thing for sure…Taming the Mind…is not an easy task. Do not be fooled by others who look composed, or people who said they are so good and they can see Buddha etc. These are misleading and that is not our ultimate goal…our ultimate goal is Enlightenment and not physic power which come naturally to one if one purifies one’s mind.

May those who are searching for Enlightenment achieve it for the benefits of all Sentient Beings.

Happy Vesak 2010.

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