Monday, October 3, 2016 death Death

One day should I passed away...
Those who hates me will be happy.
Those who loves me will cry buckets of tears.
On 2nd day they buried me 6 feet deep in the earth.
Those who hates me will smile at my grave.
Those who loves me could not bare to look back at it.
One year later, my corpse has rot.
My grave was weather beaten by rain and shine.
Those who hates me were still angry when they talked about me.
Those who loves me cried silently into the deep night.
Ten years later there was barely any remains but pieces of bones.
Those who hates me vaguely remember my name but hardly how I looked like.
Those who loves me will go deep into thoughts when they think of me.
Life slowly made things fade into the background.
After many years my grave turned into wilderness.
Those who hates me have forgotten my existence.
Those who loves me have gradually entered the graves too.
To this world, my existence became emptiness.
I worked so hard all my life and yet not able to bring anything with me.
I am so concerned with name and fame and yet who remember me now?
In this life whether rich or poor, weak or powerful...there is nothing we can take away.
When I looked back at my life, I realised I have lived in vain.
I wanted to cry but there is no sound.
I wanted to repent for all the wrongs I have done but it is already too late.
I should have use all my might to live a life not based on what others think of me.
Love and Hate are only self esteemed.
No matter how I have lived, it is nothing but a split seconds. A hundred years later, I am nothing but a mount of earth......I came from nowhere and I returned to nowhere.

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