Monday, June 8, 2015


Today Singapore is flying the National Flag at half mast in respect to those who perished in the Sabah Earthquake.

Now the Earthquake is moving closer to home. No one expect it will happened in Kota Kinabalu. These time it killed 8 Singaporean - one Teacher, one Guide and the remaining are 12 years-old students from Tajong Katong Primary School.

It is heartbreaking to the school, schoolmates, families and also Singaporean. There is still one teacher and one student missing and we pray for their safe return.

My prayers and thoughts are with the bereaved ones. These are young lives and they are going through a leadership program. They are the leaders of tomorrow but we lost them.

It is not the first time such program are held at Mount Kinabalu which is a favorite of people around the region. Its a nature reserved filled with flora and fauna. Unfortunately this place when boulders are hurled during the 6.1 quake provides no place to hide or avoid the meteor of stones because it is an opened barren area where there are no vegetation.


Actually my brother just came back in May from this same trekking. At times it is the timing and various factors that one has to be there at the specific point of time. Whatever, it is still heartbreaking to see the lost of young lives.

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