Monday, April 20, 2015


This picture and the quote touched my heart. There are many types of people in the world and all our friends are not the same. Some are vocal, some emotional, some secretive and there are some who are not able to express their sufferings.
Many times we take friends for face value. They look fine to you and seems like all is going well in front but we never have the time in our hectic daily life to really care.
I thank friends who tell me they are going through a difficult time. It is not that they asked you for help nor do they need your advise. They just need a shoulder.
Recently a dharma sister told me that she had contacted virus and she ran a non stop fever for a few days. It hurts her breathing as well. We are not close friends but I knew she trusted me to tell me. I did not bombard her with SMS or call her zealously. Occasionally I dropped her a short SMS to see how is she. I am glad I saw her active and babbly again in the temple.
Another friend is going through a relationship breakdown. We knew but she is not telling. From her frame and the expression on her face and the way she avoided people, we knew. However we are not going to run after her and try to find out. We suffer in silent with her, watching her and ready to give her a hand when she needs it. We pray that she has the strength to pull through.
We do not know at any one time we may be in a situation which we need help. We should not assumed that all our friends are well. Therefore I stay alert.

All compounded things are impermanent
All stained emotions brings pain
All phenomena are empty
Nirvana is Peace

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