Friday, June 13, 2014

Saga Dawa Düchen ....

Today marked the Tibetan calendar of Saga Dawa - 13 June 2014. It celebrates Buddha Sakyamuni's birth, enlightenment and also his passing away. This is an auspicious day to the Tibetan and also those who are practising Vajrayana Buddhism.

Actually the whole month of June 2014 is consider a holy month. All meritorious activities are 100 millions times multiplying and therefore try to do good and avoid doing anything with negative karmas.

Today is also Amitaba's day which makes it even more holy. Therefore I pray for the safety of all Beings. I pray for World peace. I pray for the happiness of all Beings. I pray for the long life of my Guru, Tempai Ningyma Rinpoche and all Gurus whom I have affinity, whichever way we are connected. I pray for Gurus who passed on that they may return swiftly for the benefits of Beings. I pray and thank all Protectors, both seen and unseen and may they attain enlightenment. I pray for those suffering in this World or World Systems and may they be liberated from sufferings. I pray for those sufferings in the three (3) lower realms, may all of them be free from sufferings on this auspicious day and may they gain insight to the kindness of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and have thoughts of regrets so to free themselves from suffering engagements and be born in a better realms. I pray for all Beings in the Bardo stage and may they take better rebirth. I pray that the Triple Gems remain in Samsara and not disappear for the benefits of all Beings happiness and liberation.

I pray for Sharmapa Rinpoche who passed on to nibbana yesterday morning. May he remains in clear light and all those that connect with him directly or just saw or listen to the news of his passing receive blessings so that their Dharma practice remains unshakable. May Rinpoche quickly return and continue to benefit Beings _()_ _()_ _()_

Here is a beautiful recitation of OHM AMIDEWA HRI dedicated to Rinpoche and the well being of all Sentient Beings!

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