Wednesday, May 14, 2014


When looking at these graffiti scribbled across HDB amazed me. These youths risking their lives to do something dangerous and what is their motives. Are they asking to be seen, to be heard or they  are having some grievances with the authorities?

At 17 years of age, and since they are considered minor, shouldn't they be doing something minor should be doing. If this is the case, than the law do not need to deal with them. Did they know that vandalism is against the law? They obviously know but probably felt that they won't be caught, unfortunately they did.

They scribbled something about the ruling party, at 17 what do they know about the ruling party? Are these the imprints that adults left on the youths? I wonder what sort of parents they have, the school and education they attended....and....what are we breeding?

So the locked-up and exposures are seen by some public as not protecting the minors. I wonder what is the agenda behind these adults? What they mean by protecting? To me protecting is protecting them to do the right thing at the right age. They can have their say about the Government, ruling party, authorities when their age is right. If they want to grow up before their time, than they have to take whatever punishments that comes with it.

To me it is really the hardest hit will make a person grow in terms of wisdom and character. As adults we want to protect the minor but not in interfering when they need to learn. These are not your children and it makes it so easy to point fingers but wait till it is yours. Tell us what is reputation, future and the breed your child is becoming! Unhappy, sent them to another country, let them do what they like...let them take charge of their lives. They either go up or they go down like a is their lives, is that right? Isn't protecting them our duty to show them the correct way of growing up?

Do not mistake me for going against the minors, neither am I going against the authorities. Youths are so precious and should grow up healthily in both body and mind.

I am sure the authorities have a reason for doing what they did and don't be so ready to criticize.


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