Friday, May 10, 2013


Silence...doesn't mean quietness only outlook
Silence...all the noisy inside
Inside the Head and
Inside the Heart

Silence... all assumptions
Silence... all imaginations
Silence... all voices

If I am able to walk out of these noises
I will realized
that Silence is not loneliness
Silence than will allow me

There are so many Rules
and Regulations
To Do and Not-To-Do
Right and Wrong
Who sets the Rules?

Can I be myself
Must I measured up to others expectations?
Do I need to be congenial
Can I not be myself?

When I sit down quietly
My Mind will come up with its scripts
It is like writing a novel
All characters are but fake
All stories are but made up
It is actually empty

Silent the Mind
Silent the Heart !!

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