Saturday, September 25, 2010


This picture is provided by National Geographic and so is the write-up. Isn't this snow owl beautiful? The feathers are so pure...and fluffy and makes you want to hug it. I love to have one as a pet but it won't survive in this harsh hot climate. We do have owls here but they are of the smaller and grey kind.

Extract: "The snowy owl's beautiful white plumage helps to hide it in its Arctic habitat. Only the males are completely white. Chicks are dark and spotted, while the females are white with spots on their wings.

Young owls, especially males, get whiter as they get older. Females are darker than males, with dusky spotting, and never become totally white. Some elderly males do become completely white, though many retain small flecks of dusky plumage.

The snowy owl is a patient hunter that perches and waits to identify its prey before soaring off in pursuit. Snowy owls have keen eyesight and great hearing, which can help them find prey that is invisible under thick vegetation or snow cover. The owls deftly snatch their quarry with their sharp talons."

Does Owls remind you of Harry Potter? Actually it does gives one an eerie feeling when it perch high up on a tree and looking at you with those ever So big and unblinking eyes that say..."I saw it all". Owls are associated with the Dark Forces, I don't know why. However this snow owl do not have the round big eyes which I think it makes me think of a sharp, focus, eagle eye instead.

In this part where I lived, people knows owls from their school books and movies etc but in real life we hardly see one. I know though, that owls are carnivorous. They eat rats and the like.

Looking at this beautiful snow owl, it makes me think of a video that someone sent me on FUR. In China, people are breeding animals with beautiful fur and killing them to sell off their fur to some fashion designers and those that love to wear fur. Thank goodness in this hot part of the world, we have no requirement for such. We are blessed. Do you know how these animals are killed, all those proverbs like...'Skin you alive'...'clubbed you to death'...are such cruel words. Well, these animals are literally that...and...left to die in pain. HOW would you like to wear a beautiful fur around your neck...and if you have the 'eye' to see, you will see Bloody dead animal around your neck instead. HOW would you like to be SKIN alive?

There are animals cruelty because there is a DEMAND. Stone age people do not have enough to cover their bodies from cold, so they need the animal skin. They only need something over their body BUT today people boast of owning MINKS an how much it cost. Talking about protecting the environment and kindness to animals? We should preached this to the rich and famous and the Vains! Well just remember - what goes around comes around. We do not need fur to keep us warm, we have enough natural fabrics to do so...PLEASE DO AWAY with all these cruelty!

The amount of harm we are doing to the environment, it is retaliating. I will not want to make bloody money to get rich. This is a funny world, when there is a need, there will be people who are not afraid to die to supply....SAD!

(A note of thanks to National Geographic and the photographer by making such a beautiful Owl photographs available.)

Watch this Video..if you still think that wearing fur is alright. If it does not raise your compassion, something in you must be blocked!

.....???? My attached video disappeared from this post. Anyway be it so. It is too cruel to enhance my blog. However hiding under anything will not earse the fact that animal cruelty is there. FOR those who has a strong stomach and a strong heart, go search for ...'animal fur, animal cruelty...etc', you find tons of them on Youtube.

Amitofo....may the Buddha blessed those that have committed such crime. May all those pitiful animals that die in such a painful manner take better rebirth.

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